Things are a mess at this place, but when you buy something out of bankruptcy you really find that people get there in creative ways. In this case it was an old story. Here they even have an acronym for this particular vice, the Las Vegas GFE. That stands for girlfriend experience, and if you get what you pay for I would think this guy had himself the world’s greatest girlfriend. I say that, but apparently they tell me that what this guy was paying was not really extraordinary. He embezzled an awful lot of money to pay for this escort, but I have been told that they have girls here who only date millionaires like this. At least they only go out with guys who can throw money at them like they were millionaires. It is not really that big of a thing to me. We paid almost nothing for this place, the employees are delighted that I am cutting checks. They were telling me about how they used to race to the bank down the street, hoping to get paid before the company ran out of money.

I think that when I get the place in order it is going to be a winner for us. The people here know what they are doing. The young fellow who inherited the place was just completely irresponsible, but his father seems to have been a brilliant administrator and a good businessman. It is not going to be that difficult to get things back on track. In fact the people here can manage without me, they just need the money that I have access to so that they can fix the damage that has been done. I have to think that I can figure out which one of them can be trusted and get home before too much longer.